Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Agreement on programming languages popularity between TIOBE and r/programming

The r/programming study question about "used languages in the previous 12 months" can be investigated together with the 50 most popular programming languages described by TIOBE (in November 2011).

The figure below shows the degree of correspondence in terms of rank order correlation. For TIOBE's top 50 languages, the correlation was .57 whereas it was slightly higher for the top 25 languages of TIOBE (.62).
Rank order correspondence between TIOBE top 50 and the r/programming survey

The correlations are based on the table below, which has been compiled somewhat hastily. Observations with tied ranks use the mean rank of the tied observations. More detailed analysis about program language use in the survey can be found here and here.

Language TIOBE rank TIOBE percentage r/programming rank
Java  1 17.87 % 4
2 17.32 % 2
C++  3 8.08 % 6
C#  4 7.32 % 7
PHP  5 6.10 % 8
Objective-C  6 5.98 % 14
(Visual) Basic  7 5.04 % 22
Python  8 3.62 % 3
JavaScript  9 2.57 % 1
Perl  10 2.08 % 15
Ruby  11 1.50 % 9
PL/SQL  12 1.44 % 16
Lisp  13 1.18 % 18
Pascal  14 0.99 % 55
MATLAB  15 0.96 % 20
Delphi/Object Pascal  16 0.87 % 37
ABAP  17 0.85 % 62.5
Lua  18 0.64 % 21
Ada  19 0.62 % 45
RPG (OS/400)  20 0.62 % 62.5
Logo  21 0.59 % 85.5
Transact-SQL  22 0.55 % 17
Visual Basic .NET  23 0.53 % 28
Assembly  24 0.53 % 11
COBOL  25 0.52 % 51.5
Scratch  26 0.52 % 56
27 0.50 % 26
Scheme  28 0.45 % 23
NXT-G  29 0.45 % 96.5
Fortran  30 0.44 % 42
ActionScript  31 0.41 % 19
Erlang  32 0.40 % 30
VHDL  33 0.40 % 44
C shell  34 0.39 % 35
SAS  35 0.39 % 60
Go  36 0.36 % 32
Prolog  37 0.35 % 38
Forth  38 0.33 % 67.5
39 0.32 % 36
Haskell  40 0.31 % 12
APL  41 0.28 % 74.5
Tcl  42 0.26 % 43
Smalltalk  43 0.26 % 48
ML  44 0.26 % 41
Ladder Logic  45 0.25 % 74.5
Awk  46 0.25 % 10
PL/I  47 0.24 % 96.5
Alice  48 0.23 % 62.5
F#  49 0.23 % 34
Q 50 0.22 % 74.5


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